Friday, December 14, 2007

Paradigm vs. West Jordan

*****Positive Moment of the Day*****
We started watching Remember the Titans in language arts today. It's a good movie. I'd forgotten how much it cracks me up. "Blue; shut up." "Got that right." "You c'n shut up, too."

I have a question. It's not a moral question, per se; more like a philosophical one. You know how they always say to make the best of every situation? What if you struggle in one environment and flourish in another, and you can choose between the two?

Should you stick it out in your current environment because you need to learn how to deal with situations that you hate?

OR should you choose the environment that's better for you while you still can choose?

In any case, I got accepted to a local charter high school for second semester, but I'm not entirely sure what to do. My brother Matt called me a pansy for not sticking it out at West Jordan, but I really do work better in a smaller learning environment.

And let's not even start on what my friends will do to me. If they lynch me, don't press charges, okay?

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